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Compute Express Link Consortium, Inc. and CCIX Consortium, Inc. announce agreement for Consortium to receive CCIX Consortium Specifications and other CCIX Consortium assets

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CCIX Consortium, Inc., (“CCIX” or the “CCIX Consortium”) and Compute Express Link Consortium, Inc. (“CXL” or the “CXL Consortium” ) announced that they have recently entered into an agreement pursuant to which CCIX Consortium’s specifications, trademarks, and other assets will be transferred to the CXL Consortium. The two organizations will be taking actions in accordance with this agreement over the coming weeks.

The CCIX Consortium and the CXL Consortium, which are non-profit corporations, both share a goal of centering industry efforts on a single coherent interconnect and enabling member companies to dedicate their resources toward an aligned industry organization, eliminating the risk of duplicated efforts and investments.

As part of the agreement, the CXL Consortium will post the CCIX specifications as an archive on CXL’s website for a period of five years, making it available for developers currently implementing the CCIX specifications.

Founded in 2016, CCIX Consortium, Inc. has developed specifications which have enabled a new class of interconnects focused on emerging acceleration applications such as machine learning, network processing, storage off-load, in-memory database, and 4G/5G wireless technology.

Compute Express Link Consortium, Inc. was formed in 2019 to advance its Compute Express Link® (CXL) specifications – which enable a high-speed interconnect offering coherency and memory semantics using high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between the host processor and devices such as accelerators, memory buffers, and smart I/O devices.

“CCIX Consortium has been instrumental in bringing focus on the importance of an accelerator optimized interface. I am pleased to see that Compute Express Link Consortium, Inc. shares the same vision.” said Gaurav Singh, Chairman of CCIX Consortium. “Bringing together the efforts will further accelerate the momentum behind the CXL specifications and will offer industry-wide benefits by providing a singular standard for coherent accelerator attach.”

“Our mission is to develop and promote an open coherent interconnect,” said Larrie Carr, president, Compute Express Link Consortium, Inc. “We are excited to welcome CCIX members into the CXL Consortium and anchor the industry efforts around a single interoperable ecosystem of heterogeneous memory and computing solutions.”

Under the agreement, any CCIX Consortium member company not currently a member of the CXL Consortium will be offered a twelve-month CXL Consortium general membership at no charge at either the CXL “Contributor” or CXL “Adopter” membership levels. Each CCIX Consortium member company that is also an existing CXL Consortium member will be offered pro-rated extensions of their CXL Consortium membership in accordance with agreed terms.

Contact the CXL Consortium Administration at for details.