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Compute Express Link: UEFI and ACPI Specification Enhancement Recommendations

1 min read
By: Mahesh Natu (Intel) and Thanu Rangarajan (Arm)

Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) is a new, high-speed CPU-to-Device and CPU-to-Memory interconnect designed to accelerate next-generation data center performance. UEFI and ACPI specifications provide standard interfaces for discovering new system attributes and as such need to be extended for discovering, enumerating and configuring CXL devices and CXL-capable systems. Many members of the UEFI Forum are also members of the CXL Consortium, which has helped foster a community focused on the improvement of the UEFI and ACPI specifications to better support CXL-based systems and devices. Enhancing these specifications allows them to deliver improved support for CXL devices and expands UEFI and ACPI technology ecosystems to cover CXL systems. In this blog, we will provide a background on CXL Consortium and technology, their links to the UEFI and ACPI technologies and plans for enriching the UEFI and ACPI specifications.

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