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CXL Community Gathers at Inaugural DevCon 2024

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By: Kurtis Bowman, CXL MWG Co-Chair, and Director of System Performance at AMD

In May, CXL Consortium Working Group Chairs and Consortium members gathered at the Santa Clara Marriott in California for the first-ever CXL Developers Conference. The event would not have been possible – and certainly less engaging – without the support of our sponsors: Alphawave Semi, Cadence, MemVerge, Montage Technology, Panmnesia, Samsung, SerialTek, SK Hynix, Teledyne LeCroy, VIAVI, Xconn Technologies, Advantest, Rambus, and Smart DV. Thank you for your support and dedication to creating a successful inaugural event!

Kicking off our program, Jim Pappas, CXL Consortium Chairperson, shared opening remarks, and Larrie Carr, CXL Consortium President, shared a brief history of CXL as well as industry trends driving the evolution of our specification development.

During the two-day conference, CXL Consortium Working Group Chairs provided an overview of the CXL specification, walked through CXL 1.1 – CXL 3.1 specification features, and highlighted progress in the CXL Compliance Program. Panelists also hosted a Q&A session addressing audience questions on CXL feature capabilities, updates, implementations, and use cases enabled by the CXL specification.

We were also excited to hear how our members are using CXL to address the workload demands of data centers, system memory bandwidth, and emerging applications such as AI, ML, and more. CXL Consortium members can access the presentation materials HERE and presentation recordings will be made available soon. Thank you to our presenting member companies Alphawave Semi, AMD, Astera Labs, Cisco, Intel, MemVerge, Microchip, Micron, Montage Technology, NVIDIA, OpenFabrics Alliance, Panmnesia, Rambus, Samsung, SK hynix, Synopsys, Teledyne LeCroy, VIAVI, Wolley, XConn Technologies, and ZeroPoint Technologies.

CXL Consortium exhibitor area was bustling with activity as members Alphawave Semi, Cadence, MemVerge, Montage Technologies, Panmnesia, Samsung, SerialTek, SK hynix, Teledyne LeCroy, and Xconn Technologies showcased demos for memory expansion, software solutions, optical, interoperability testing, IP, CXL switch, memory expander controller, and more.

Below, is audience feedback on their experience at the DevCon:

“It’s great to be part of the first CXL Developer’s Conference. The number of attendees far exceeded my expectations with more than 250 individuals on site. Also, the type of questions and excitement people have shown that there is a deep set of folks that are interested to learn and exchange ideas on how to move the technology forward. This was a great first start for the CXL Developers Conference and I am looking forward to many more in the coming years.” – Debendra Das Sharma, CXL Consortium TTF Co-Chair

“This was one of the most fun events I’ve attended in a long time. It was great to see the entire CXL Consortium come together. There is so much innovation happening, and everyone is sharing freely. It is a team effort to drive CXL adoption.” – Nilesh Shah, ZeroPoint Technologies

“The key takeaway from this week is the consistency of the message. Everybody seems to be on the same team. The message between the CPU suppliers, memory suppliers, and infrastructure people gelled like a jigsaw puzzle coming together and it is wonderful to see the picture forming as all the pieces fit together.” – Bill Gervasi, Wolley

“I enjoyed the first CXL DevCon, especially the technical sessions where it became clear what the differences were difference between CXL 2.0 and CXL 3.0. I enjoyed going through the list of explanations for all of those features and explaining the basics of CXL and its use cases – memory disaggregation concepts, sharing, and pooling. Overall, for the first DevCon, I was highly impressed. It was two days of a lot of information to process, a dedicated audience, and the booths were very informative. I enjoyed it a lot.” – Ravi Budruk, MindShare, Inc.

“It’s cool to be at the inaugural CXL DevCon. Great turnout this week with two full days of training and member presentations. My favorite is the member presentations! It is great to see how people are implementing the technology. It’s not just a bunch of talking heads – we actually have the people on site that are really doing this with real products. There is a great exhibitor area packed full of implementations of CXL 2.0 and people talking about CXL 3.0 and CXL 3.1 coming out. Fantastic event and I highly recommend attending.” – Richard Solomon, Synopsys

For those of you that were able to join us at the event, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the inaugural CXL DevCon. And for those we missed, please consider joining the 2025 event – more information to come later in the year…you won’t be disappointed! In the meantime, I encourage you to follow the CXL Consortium on LinkedIn for updates on future events.