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CXL Consortium hosts first Pre-FYI compliance event

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Testing for CXL 1.1 devices with support for CXL 2.0 equipment

CXL Consortium hosted the first CXL® Pre-FYI compliance event on July 12-14, 2022, in Beaverton, Oregon. All CXL Consortium Member companies with a CXL product ready for testing were given the opportunity to participate in this event.

The Consortium believes that compliance and interoperability are core tenants in our commitment to creating a successful technology standard that will be deployed in systems from multiple vendors. As Compute Express Link® (CXL) products are nearing release into the market, we recognize the importance of working together to ensure proper operation and interoperability.

This Pre-FYI Compliance Event introduces the CXL Compliance Verification (CV) testing software and provides an opportunity for interop testing between member products. Pre-FYI testing provides an opportunity for CXL Consortium members to preview the test tools and simulate possible post-release interoperability. By attending the Pre-FYI testing event, member companies gain additional insight into their products and provide CXL with a broader insight into test tool capabilities and accuracy.

Following the Pre-FYI testing, the CXL Consortium will finalize the test tools for products built to the CXL 1.1 specification and begin planning an FYI testing opportunity. This will provide member products with the same preview opportunities as Pre-FYI testing but the Test Tools themselves will be solidified as the trusted resource, so that any Device Under Test (DUT) can be troubleshot allowing members to make any corrections to their implementations confidently. These phases of roll out ensure the best possible result for the largest number of members when we move to official testing.

Why should you participate in the CXL Consortium Compliance Program?

The CXL Consortium compliance program will provide member companies and their customers a reasonable assurance of product quality implementation of the specified functions, confidence in the interoperability between CXL member products in the field, and a recognition mechanism for end-users to refer to when considering products to deploy.

If your company is a member of the CXL Consortium, more information about the Pre-FYI Workshop is available here. Contact the CXL Administration team if you have any questions.