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CXL™ Consortium Makes a Splash at SC19

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By: Glenn Ward

CXL™ Consortium members joined forces to promote Compute Express Link™ (CXL) technology at Supercomputing Conference 2019 (SC19) in Denver last month. Held at the Colorado Convention Center from November 17-22, SC19 saw many of our member companies displaying our ‘Proud Member’ signs on the exhibit floor, highlighting member companies’ individual roles and raising visibility of CXL and what we’re collectively delivering.

Additionally, Steve Van Doren, Intel Fellow, Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software Director, Processor Interconnect Architecture, led a CXL Direct Access Format Talk on the stage within the Intel booth. Steve was joined by Jim Pappas, CXL Consortium Board Chair, and together they engaged the crowd of attendees.

Lastly, the media was eager to meet with our spokespeople to learn about CXL’s rapid emergence and its potential impact on the industry. During the in-depth technical discussions with leading-industry press and analysts, each remarked that CXL’s presence is generating a lot of excitement within their own industry contacts, and that they’re looking forward to seeing the many breakthroughs that CXL will enable further down the road.

Some examples:

Mark Hachmann, PC World

[Ponte Vecchio] will also tap into the Compute Express Link (CXL), the high-speed accelerator CPU-to-memory and CPU-to-device CXL technology, which maintains memory coherency between the CPU memory space and memory on attached devices. That in turn minimizes resource sharing for higher performance, reduced software stack complexity, and lower overall system cost, according to the CXL Consortium, which includes companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Huawei, and HP.”

Tobias Mann, SDxCentral

This [CXL] has big beneficial implications for a wide range of industries, including HPC and hyperscalers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. One of the limiting factors of servers today is the finite amount of memory a CPU can address on a motherboard — there are only so many dual in-line memory module slots to fill. However, on a CXL-compatible server more memory can be plugged into an open PCIe slot — the same way a graphic processing unit (GPU) or field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is today. This framework, according to Pappas, stands to significantly amplify the amount of addressable memory and it enables large pools of persistent memory. CXL has aspirations beyond memory too.”

Watch our “Introduction to Compute Express Link™ (CXL™)” Webinar
We recently hosted a highly informative introductory webinar about the CXL Consortium and its groundbreaking technology, reaching a live audience of more than 276 attendees. Special thanks to Debendra Das Sharma and Kurtis Bowman! You can access the archived webinar here.

Proud Member Signs Displayed
A big thanks to all member companies who showcased their CXL Consortium membership at SC19! For members wanting to promote CXL in their booths via signage or presentations at future industry events, please let us know as we will be planning further promotional initiatives throughout the year. Contact for more information.

Looking for the latest information on CXL? Be sure to check out our online CXL Resource Library frequently as new CXL educational materials will be posted often. And, for updates and connections with colleagues on social media, please be sure to follow CXL Consortium on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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