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CXL® Consortium Member Spotlight: Avery Design Systems

1 min read

CXL® Consortium member company Avery Design Systems recently participated in a Q&A session to discuss the benefits of CXL Consortium membership, its contributions to CXL compliance and ideal targets for CXL technology.

Why did Avery decide to join the CXL Consortium?

We joined the CXL Consortium to enable our support of the early adopter ecosystem and to develop and deliver CXL Verification IP and Virtual Platforms solutions to the industry. In addition to accessing draft specifications and tracking industry trends, we participate in the consortium’s compliance working group by specifying compliance standards and contributing to the CXLCV tool development.

What expertise does Avery bring to the consortium?

Avery is a recognized industry leader in the Verification IP space which includes our work with models and compliance test suites. We also bring expertise in the emerging area of CXL 2.0 virtual platforms.

What is the biggest advantage of CXL Consortium membership? How does Avery participate?

Our customers are part of the CXL ecosystem, so early access to the specifications and technical working groups is extremely helpful and enables us to develop cutting-edge CXL verification solutions.

What use cases will be ideal targets for CXL technology?

Currently, datacenter, CXL memory expansion and pooling solutions are certainly key targets. However, we are starting to see demand for CXL technology for DPU/IPU and CXL Type 2 AI accelerators.

Which market segments will benefit from CXL?

Composable datacenter and HPC using new memory-driven computing approaches and AI and ML will benefit from CXL solutions.

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