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CXL® Consortium Member Spotlight:

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CXL™ Consortium member company took part in a recent Q&A session to discuss their involvement in the consortium, advantages of membership, and their expertise within the computing infrastructure market. Read the full Q&A session below.

Can you share a brief introduction of, Inc. is a systems, semiconductor, hardware and software systems company, enabling composable architectures through the development of hardware and software, designed to optimize system-level performance for the hyperscale’s infrastructure.

Why did decide to join the CXL™ Consortium?

CXL is the heart of’s technology. We joined the CXL Consortium to contribute to the CXL specification and help drive new use cases.

What expertise does bring to the consortium? brings expertise in system-level performance optimizations that reduces the total cost of ownership at scale to meet the driving demands of Core, Edge and on-prem data centers.

What is the biggest advantage of CXL Consortium membership? How does participate?

One of the biggest advantages of the CXL Consortium membership is working side by side with our customers to solve real problems and move the industry forward. As a Contributor member, we can contribute to the protocol development and participate in various working groups.

What use cases will be ideal targets for CXL technology? Which market segments will benefit from CXL?

Like PCI Express® (PCIe®), CXL is a broad technology for accelerators connectivity. Additional use cases are emerging daily for CXL across a variety of industries including 5G, Edge, Core and the overall computing infrastructure market.

What does see as CXL’s impact within its industry?

Worldwide data growth is immense and will continue to increase with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. CXL ties this together with purpose-built accelerators, general-purpose ML/AI accelerators and memory storage. Processing elements with CXL is a challenge and provides the opportunity to create a lasting impact in the industry for decades to come.

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