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CXL® Consortium Member Spotlight: Facebook

2 min read
By: Bharath Muthiah

CXL™ Consortium member company Facebook recently participated in a Q&A session to discuss its participation in the consortium, advantages of CXL membership, and the impact of CXL on the next generation workloads. Read the full Q&A session with Facebook below.

Why did Facebook decide to join the CXL™ Consortium?

Facebook’s products empower more than 3 billion people around the world to share ideas, offer support and make a difference. We build the systems infrastructure to allow billions of people all over the world to connect and communicate. This includes data centers, servers, storage, network, and much more. Driving efficiencies and innovation in each of these areas is a key focus for us to serve our community. We joined the consortium as a founding member because we believed an open standard based high-performance interconnect like CXL will be a critical enabler to addressing the needs and demands of next generation workloads in an efficient manner. This includes enabling more flexible memory expansion and low latency and fine-grained accelerator implementations.

What expertise does Facebook bring to the consortium?

Facebook brings the joint perspective of an end user and system integrator into the CXL Consortium, providing insights into the key cloud usage models, next generation use cases, workload trends, and datacenter infrastructure integration. Furthermore, Facebook is an early adopter and influencer of CXL technologies with ecosystem partners spanning software, compute, memory, accelerators, IP, network, and switching.

What is the biggest advantage of CXL Consortium membership? How does Facebook participate?

Facebook, as a founding member, works extensively within the CXL Consortium by contributing to the strategic direction through the Board of Directors, participating in and leading specification development through various working groups, and being involved in building out the CXL ecosystem through participation in various industry events. Our membership also allows us early access to specifications and collaboration opportunities with many industry participants.

What use cases will be ideal targets for CXL technology?

We believe CXL will be a foundational interconnect technology and broadly applicable for next generation server platforms. In the near term, we see opportunities for CXL to be used to allow more flexible memory capacity and bandwidth optimization points as well as enablement of shared and pooled memory. We also see the low latency benefits of CXL will facilitate new accelerator opportunities across a range of workloads.

Which market segments will benefit from CXL?

Given the unanimous support of technology providers and end-users endorsing CXL, we believe it will be relevant across multiple segments spanning cloud, High Performance Computing (HPC), and enterprise computing.

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