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CXL® Consortium Member Spotlight: IntelliProp

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CXL™ Consortium member company IntelliProp recently participated in a Q&A session to discuss CXL’s impact within the storage and memory industry, IntelliProp’s participation in CXL Consortium working groups and ideal use cases for CXL technology. Find the full Q&A with IntelliProp below.

Can you share a brief introduction of IntelliProp?

IntelliProp started in 1998 as an RTL Design and ASIC Design Verification company to serve the robust Data Storage and Memory market in Longmont, Colorado. Since then, the company went on to license the industry’s first SATA, SAS and Fibre Channel Verification IP. In 2007, IntelliProp added Design IP to its portfolio to provide reference designs or proof-of-concept designs for various storage related industries. IntelliProp has developed products used in SATA and SAS aggregation chips, SSD controllers, and Gen-Z dissagregated memory. IntelliProp is now expanding into CXL technology. We’ve completed several high profile projects with fortune 500 companies and will continue to collaborate on new technologies.

Why did IntelliProp decide to join the CXL™ Consortium?

We saw great value in having low latency, cache-coherent connection to host CPU along with the device caching capability of CXL to connect very high-performance fabric adapters directly to the CPU cache coherency domain. In addition to the connect point for connecting fabric adapters, the memory expansion and accelerator potential could be a game changer for industry trends such as Storage Class Memory (SCM) and Computational Storage..

What expertise does IntelliProp bring to the Consortium?

IntelliProp has a strong background in memory and storage hardware architectures, silicon design IP, and fabric management software. IntelliProp looks forward to applying these strengths to bring value to our customers that are interested in utilizing CXL as an attach point for memory, storage, and fabrics.

What is the biggest advantage of CXL Consortium membership? How does IntelliProp participate?

One key advantage to being a Contributor member of the CXL Consortium is to attend and collaborate in working group discussions. IntelliProp regularly attends technical working groups including Protocol, Memory and Systems, and the CXL / Gen-Z Working Group.

What use cases will be ideal targets for CXL technology? Which market segments will benefit from CXL?

CXL will target the following use cases:

· Memory expansion for CPU supporting SCM for lower cost per bit and power profiles.

· CPU attached accelerators for optimizing highly parallel workloads.

· Enabling low latency fabric adapters which will allow scaling and further parallelized processing capabilities.

What does IntelliProp see as CXL’s impact within your industry?

We believe CXL’s impact will first be seen on CPU accelerator offload and memory expansion. However, in the long term, we will see expanded value in many segments including computational storage, memory semantic storage, connect points for SMART NIC, RDMA adapters and memory centric fabrics.

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