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CXL® Consortium Member Spotlight: Synopsys

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CXL Member Company Synopsys recently took part in a Q&A session with CXL Consortium to discuss membership benefits, industry expertise, and use cases for CXL technology. Learn more about Synopsys and its participation in the CXL Consortium by reading the full Q&A session below.

Why did Synopsys decide to join the CXL™ Consortium?

We joined the consortium to enable us to develop and deliver CXL IP to the industry. Being part of the Consortium ensures that we have timely access to the latest specifications and drafts, allowing our IP to be developed to intercept our early adopter demands. This is why Synopsys was able to introduce the industry’s first Complete CXL 1.1 solution and follow it up quickly with CXL 2.0. It also allows us to work closely with other key players, to enable things like joint demos and early HW interop platforms.

What expertise does Synopsys bring to the consortium?

Synopsys is the industry leader in semiconductor interface IP, and we bring decades of experience in the successful development and deployment of complex interface IP, such as that for CXL, to our customers. Synopsys also brings deep PCIe® expertise and an industry-leading PCIe solution to the consortium. Early access to the CXL specification leads to deeper technical understanding of the CXL specification, making for a more robust IP offering.

What is the biggest advantage of CXL Consortium membership? How does Synopsys participate?

A big advantage of our contributor membership is gaining early access to the specifications. This has allowed us to keep pace with the rapid rollout and adoption of CXL by our early Adopter customers. As a Contributing member with active members in several working groups, we are also able to contribute to specifications and decisions. Our membership also enables us to openly discuss specifications with other Consortium members and collaborate on designs, demos and interops.

What use cases will be ideal targets for CXL technology?

We are seeing strong demand from our HPC and AI customers, as well as early adopters taking advantage of the new capabilities and form factors for memory and storage that CXL is enabling.

Which market segments will benefit from CXL?
Based on customer demand, we clearly see the Server, HPC, AI/ML and Storage markets recognize the benefits they can achieve by implementing CXL in their designs.

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