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CXL® Consortium Upcoming Industry Events

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The CXL™ Consortium is excited to be participating in several industry events, including virtual events such as Storage Developer Conference, Arm DevSummit, and Intel Innovation as well as hybrid events OCP Global Summit and Supercomputing 21.

Upcoming Events in 2021

Below is a list of confirmed industry events and speaking opportunities the CXL Consortium will attend in 2021. We hope to see you there!

Storage Developer Conference

Presentation: Compute Express Link 2.0: A High-Performance Interconnect for Memory Pooling

Speaker: Andy Rudoff, Persistent Memory SW Architect, Intel Corporation.

Date: September 28 – 29, 2021

Location: Virtual

Data center architectures continue to evolve rapidly to support the ever-growing demands of emerging workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) is an open industry-standard interconnect offering coherency and memory semantics using high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between the host processor and devices such as accelerators, memory buffers, and smart I/O devices. These applications deploy a diverse mix of scalar, vector, matrix, and spatial architectures through CPU, GPU, FPGA, smart NICs, and other accelerators.

During this session, attendees will learn about the next generation of CXL technology. The CXL 2.0 specification, announced in 2020, adds support for switching for fan-out to connect to more devices; memory pooling for increased memory utilization efficiency and providing memory capacity on demand; and support for persistent memory. This presentation will explore the memory pooling features of CXL 2.0 and how CXL technology will meet the performance and latency demands of emerging workloads for data-hungry applications like AI and ML.

Arm DevSummit

Presentation: Using Arm Technology to Enable Disaggregation from Devices-to-Servers

Speakers: Kshitij Sudan, Senior Manager, Storage and Accelerator Segment, Arm and Jason Molgaard, Senior Principal Storage Solutions Architect, Arm

Date and Time: October 19-21, 2021

Location: Virtual

The next wave of innovation to enable disaggregation in servers is expected to target resources including server memory, storage, and accelerators using the CXL interface standard. Arm is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for both the host server and disaggregated devices due to Arm’s broad portfolio of flexible, power efficient IP.

This talk will discuss the opportunities and innovations for Arm ecosystem to capitalize on this emerging wave of technology development.

Intel Innovation

Date and Time: October 27-28, 2021

Location: Virtual

Visit the CXL Consortium virtual booth in the Industry Enabling Zone for CXL videos and more.

Innovation will be a digital event delivering training and education on technologies and development tools taught by experts across the industry to a global, developer focused, audience.

OCP Global Summit

Presentation: Reimagining Memory Expansion for Single Socket Servers with CXL

Speakers: Chris Petersen, Hardware Systems Technologist, Facebook and Bharath Muthiah, Technical Sourcing Manager, Facebook

Date and Time: November 9 at 9 am PT

Location: SJCC – Concourse Level – 210 A/E, San Jose Convention Center, California

Memory and memory utilization are increasingly becoming a critical resource for future servers. At the same time, memory media is not scaling fast enough to keep up while driving more complexity, power, and cost into system designs. In this presentation, we will describe how a new technology (Compute Express Link) will help us address servers by using memory expansion solutions. We will discuss the Proof-of-Concept CXL based memory expander module we have designed, some early results for community feedback, and then share some single socket server hardware design concepts based on the module we will be contributing to OCP in future. We will also discuss our collaboration with ecosystem partners to develop a CXL memory expansion solution. We will briefly explore the new features of CXL 2.0 and share how CXL technology is keeping pace to meet the performance and latency demands of emerging workloads for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Supercomputing 2021 (SC21)

Presentation: CXL™ Consortium, Gen-Z Consortium™, SNIA and End-Users – Is Disaggregation of Systems the Future?

Speakers: Kurtis Bowman (AMD), Richelle Ahlvers (Intel), Tracy Spitler (Intelliprop / Gen-Z Consortium), Bharath Muthiah (Facebook) and Glenn Ward (Microsoft)

Date: November 15 – 18, 2021

Location: America’s Center, St. Louis, Missouri

The CXL™ Consortium, the Gen-Z Consortium™ and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) are all working to advance the HPC industry. This BoF session at SC21 will feature a panel of experts from CXL™ Consortium, Gen-Z Consortium™ and SNIA and from end users Facebook and Microsoft to discuss how the disaggregation of systems and persistent memory are critical to the industry and is being enabled by our technologies. During the BoF session, we invite the HPC community to provide their feedback and ask questions to our panel of experts.

Visit the CXL Consortium at booth 1607 for technology demos and more. Contact to schedule a meeting with CXL Consortium representatives.

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