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Incorporation and Expanded Board of Directors Propel the CXL Consortium Toward a Bright New Future

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By: Scott Knowlton

Six months after our initial launch, the CXL Consortium™ has officially incorporated and added five new board members to its roster. This solidified infrastructure will enable the organization to drive new Compute Express Link™ (CXL) developments and facilitate overall industry adoption. Our initial promoter companies, Alibaba, Cisco, Dell EMC, Facebook, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Intel Corporation and Microsoft are encouraged by the industry’s overall enthusiasm for CXL’s potential and we strongly encourage interested member companies and institutions to join us as we continue down this exciting path.

Together, the CXL Consortium is dedicated to advancing CXL’s position as a new high-speed, open standard interconnect that enables an accelerator ecosystem geared towards high performance, heterogeneous computing.

The five new CXL board members are as follows:

  • Nathan Kalyanasundharam, Senior Fellow at AMD Semiconductor
  • Dong Wei, Standards Architect and Fellow at ARM Holdings
  • Steve Fields, Fellow and Chief Engineer of Power Systems, IBM
  • Larrie Carr, Fellow, Technical Strategy and Architecture, Data Center Solutions,
    Microchip Technology Inc.
  • Gaurav Singh, Corporate Vice President, Xilinx

Chairman of the CXL Consortium, Jim Pappas, discussed the recent developments:

“CXL is enjoying unprecedented momentum with participation of leading companies from across all segments of the computer industry,” said Pappas. “It is extremely gratifying to see the level of investment and focus on the success of CXL. We have a world-class technical team covering all the needed disciplines to ensure success. On behalf of the CXL Board, I am delighted to welcome these new directors onto the CXL Board and look forward to their contributions to this important new technology.”

Join CXL Industry Leaders

The CXL members represent a wide range of industry expertise and includes leading Cloud Service Providers, Communications OEMs, and System OEMs. Join with all the existing CXL members as we expand the innovative use cases, define the necessary building blocks for the CXL ecosystem—such as test equipment and compliance programs, and further develop the standard’s technical features and capabilities for CXL Specification 2.0.

There are currently two levels of membership for new members to consider, learn more here.

CXL Newly-Elected Board Member Statements

The newly-elected Board Members to CXL made the following comments upon their confirmation:

“AMD is a strong believer in the need for heterogeneous processing to meet the exponential demand for compute, and we are pleased to join with other industry leaders to drive alignment on a common coherent interconnect standard in CXL,” said Nathan Kalyanasundharam, Senior Fellow at AMD. “We look forward to collaborating with all the members of the CXL community to enable a tighter coupling and coherency between processors and accelerators, simplify programming models, and enable a new wave of innovation in accelerator and storage technologies.” —Nathan Kalyanasundharam, Senior Fellow at AMD

“I am delighted to be appointed as a new board member of the CXL Consortium. Arm’s membership at the board level not only reflects the industry’s confidence in our strong contribution to this important, emerging technology, but a shared vision to align to a truly global multi-CPU standard that will be applicable to all processor architectures.” — Dong Wei, Standards Architect and Fellow at Arm Holdings, Inc.

“CXL has achieved enough momentum to ensure that there will be broad industry participation. It is now time for IBM to bring the experience gained from 6+ years of coherent acceleration with CAPI and OpenCAPI and do our part to contribute to the CXL ecosystem.” — Steve Fields, Fellow and Chief Engineer of Power Systems, IBM

“I am honored to be elected to the CXL Board of Directors. CXL will be a key technology to enable breakthrough memory-centric infrastructure solutions with the goal of improving datacenter performance and efficiency. Microchip looks forward to contributing to the evolution of the CXL standard, and the existing collaboration with the Gen-Z organization. — Larrie Carr, Fellow, Technical Strategy and Architecture, Data Center Solutions, Microchip Technology Inc.

“High performance, adaptable acceleration is going to be critical to meet the increasing demand for performance across a wide variety of markets,” said Gaurav Singh, corporate vice president of Architecture, Verification and Systems Engineering, Xilinx, Inc. “At Xilinx, we recognized the importance of coherent links to connect processors, memory and accelerators and I am excited to join the CXL board to drive the standard forward. With the backing of hyperscale cloud providers, system OEMs, processors vendors and technology leaders like Xilinx, CXL will become a ubiquitous processor interface for memory and accelerators.” — Gaurav Singh, Corporate Vice President, Xilinx


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