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Showcasing the Evolution of CXL at Supercomputing 2023 (SC’23)

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By: Kurt Lender and Kurtis Bowman, CXL Consortium MWG Co-Chairs

We were excited to return to the Supercomputing Conference (SC’23), located in Denver this year, to showcase the High Performance Computing benefits made capable with CXL technology. During the show, the CXL Consortium announced the release of the CXL 3.1 specification with improved fabric manageability to take CXL beyond the rack and enable disaggregated systems. The Consortium and our member companies also showcased 16 CXL technology demonstrations in the CXL Pavilion and presented Birds of a Feather and Exhibitor Forum sessions.

CXL Pavilion Hosts 16 Member Company Demos

At SC’23, CXL Consortium members AMD, Astera Labs, Cadence, Intel, IntelliProp, Lightelligence, Microchip, Micron, Rambus, Samsung, Siemens EDA, Synopsys / Teledyne LeCroy, UniFabrix, Viavi, Xconn Technologies, and ZeroPoint Technologies exhibited live CXL technology demonstrations on memory solutions, fabric implementations, interoperability and compliance testing, and software solutions. Learn more about the demonstrations via our website.

Exhibitor Forum and Birds of a Feather Session

We had the opportunity to provide additional insight into how CXL can help address challenges in the HPC community via our Birds of a Feather and Exhibitor Forum presentations.

This year, representatives from IntelliProp, Micron, and Wolley lead a discussion on current challenges the supercomputing industry is facing today and how CXL can address those challenges during a Birds of a Feather session.

In case you missed the presentation, we hosted the “Compute Express Link (CXL): Advancing Coherent Connectivity” webinar highlighting how CXL technology can be used to increase system scalability and flexibility, enable resource sharing for higher performance, reduce software stack complexity, and lower overall data center memory cost. View the webinar recording to learn more.

We also presented an Exhibitor Forum session to share an update from the Consortium and introduce the CXL 3.1 specification. CXL 3.1 delivers improvements to fabric manageability, establishing the ability to create disaggregated systems and helping promote an interoperable ecosystem of heterogeneous memory and computing solutions.

Stay up to Date with the CXL Consortium

With all of the exciting activities taking place during SC’23, we are looking forward to seeing what SC’24 will bring as it convenes in Atlanta, GA, from November 17-22. We hope to meet you there!

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