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Upcoming Webinar: Introducing the CXL 3.1 Specification

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Join the upcoming Compute Express Link® (CXL®) Consortium webinar: “Introducing the CXL 3.1 Specification,” airing live on Tuesday, February 20, from 9:00 – 10:00 am PT. Reserve your spot for the webinar here.

In November 2023, the CXL Consortium announced the release of the CXL 3.1 specification, which builds on previous iterations to deliver improved fabric manageability, optimized resource utilization, and extended memory sharing and pooling. The specification also allows for the creation of trusted compute environments and facilitates memory sharing between accelerators.

During this webinar, Mahesh Wagh, CXL Consortium Technical Task Force Co-Chair, and Rob Blankenship, Protocol Working Group Co-Chair, will introduce the features and use cases enabled by CXL 3.1. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the new features in the CXL 3.1 specification and gain insights into the usage models it will enable. Register for the webinar: