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Prakash Chauhan

Prakash Chauhan is a Hardware Technologist at Meta since 2020, with over 25 years of industry experience. Prakash has a broad background in architecture and design of hardware systems, and deploying them at hyperscale, to deliver improved generational performance improvements at optimal cost. Prakash has been closely involved with the CXL consortium since its inception. […]

Yang Seok Ki

Dr. Yang Seok Ki is currently serving as the Vice President of Memory Solutions Lab (MSL) at Samsung Semiconductor Inc., located in San Jose, California. He has been a part of the Samsung team since 2011, during which time he has overseen the development of multiple advanced development projects such as computational storage device, object […]

Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward is a Senior Director of Technology Development in the Azure division at Microsoft. Glenn and his team focus on driving development of new technologies for consumption in Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Cloud services. Prior to joining Microsoft, Glenn earned his master’s degree at the Kellogg GSM, Northwestern University. Before Kellogg, Glenn was a […]

Derek Schumacher

Derek Schumacher is a Distinguished Technologist at HPE where he leads the definition and advanced development of the technology roadmap for HPE’s mission critical data solutions portfolio. He joined Hewlett-Packard in 2000 and has contributed to the hardware, firmware, and software implementations of projects spanning four different instruction set architectures, as well as multiple generations […]

Amit Nanda

Amit Nanda has held executive and senior management roles at companies that span systems-to-silicon technologies. His responsibilities have entailed marketing, business development, organic and inorganic technology incubation and strategic partnerships. Amit currently heads the Advanced Technology Sourcing and Partnerships team at Google. The team helps incubate new technologies for Technical Infrastructure, and works with industry […]

Anant Thakar

Anant Thakar is the Principal System Architect @ Cisco UCS Compute & is the chief product architect of UCS-X Series Platform. He has conceptualized, architected, and designed several products in various verticals including networking, security, and compute.He is currently focused on Heterogeneous compute architectures, resource disaggregation, edge compute and IO scaling in optical domain. In […]

Nathan Kalyanasundharam

Nathan Kalyanasundharam is an AMD Senior Fellow. He is a lead architect of AMD’s Infinity Data Fabric and an expert in processor, caches, coherency and memory subsystem architecture. He manages the Infinity Fabric architecture and design team which delivers coherent interconnect protocol and technology across all AMD products. Nathan joined AMD in 2002 and has […]