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Experience Reality, Not Blueprints: Panmnesia’s Real-World, Multi-Terabyte CXL Memory Disaggregation Showcase at Flash Memory Summit 2023 (FMS 23)

The video offers a comprehensive look at Panmnesia’s unique CXL system, which includes custom-designed CXL CPUs, switches, and DIMM pools. This singular structure allows multi-terabyte capacity by consolidating numerous memory devices via layered CXL switches. Notably, our innovative DIMM pooling technology translates into substantial cost reductions.

Moreover, the demonstration underscores the tangible advantages of genuine CXL. It provides an engaging showcase of deep learning recommendation systems operating in conjunction with Linux OS and our framework. Keen to learn more about the technology behind Panmnesia? Be sure to visit us at booth #655 during the Flash Memory Summit and explore our website,!