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Siemens EDA: CXL Performance Optimization & Validation SW Development Kit

Demonstrate targeted CXL Performance and Validation Suite under CPDK (CXL Performance Development Kit) running under Linux on a CXL 2.0/3.0 system.  Demonstration targets include both pre-silicon QEMU/KVM/Co-Sim virtual environment and post-silicon Sapphire Rapids server with industry leading CXL memory expansion platforms.

CPDK (CXL Performance Development Kit) supports performance benchmarking and validation framework for fine-grained verification and performance and latency measurements. CPDK supports pre-defined and customizable high memory access stress workloads including select industry distributed, in-memory enterprise software applications such as REDIS.  In this demonstration, standard REDIS runs over CPDK library to stress test and performance characterize CXL under real application conditions.  CPDK library achieves this goal by controlling memory access patterns to directly target CXL memory and mitigate caching effects.

CXL/PCIe Virtual Platform Solutions