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ZeroPoint Technologies: Hardware Accelerated CXL Memory Compression

ZeroPoint Technologies will demonstrate an integrated, Hardware Accelerated Compression Engine, seamlessly adding a new Compressed CXL Memory tier to the system Memory Hierarchy.

Background: Hyperscaler end customers like Meta and Google employ software data compression today in production to tier memory into 3 level hierarchy: DRAM, software Compressed DRAM and SSD. They spend up to 5% of all data center CPU cycles performing software compression/ decompression as a background activity. As hyperscalers evaluate the TCO of introducing CXL as a new tier of pooled/shared memory, Transparent, inline hardware Hccelerated Compression Offload to a CXL Type 3 device operating at memory speeds can increase effective memory capacity by 2-3X and increase effective bandwidth by 50%, and save upto 5% CPU cycles to be redirected to Revenue generating services, making a compelling TCO case to deploy CXL at scale.

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