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Compute Express Link® 2.0 Specification: Memory Pooling

Compute Express Link® (CXL®) is an open industry-standard interconnect offering coherency and memory semantics using high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between the host processor and devices such as accelerators, memory buffers, and smart I/O devices. In November 2020, the CXL Consortium announced the CXL 2.0 specification which introduces support for switching, memory pooling, and support for persistent memory – all while preserving industry investments by supporting full backward compatibility.

In this webinar, Mahesh Wagh (Intel) and Rick Sodke (Microchip), will explore how CXL 2.0 supports memory pooling for multiple logical devices (MLD) as well as a single logical device with the help of a CXL switch. This presentation will also introduce the standardized fabric manager for inventory and resource allocation to enable easier adoption and management of CXL-based switch and fabric