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Compute Express Link® (CXL®): Link-level Integrity and Data Encryption (CXL IDE)

Security is a key cornerstone for any technology to be successful and CXL is making great strides in security by working collaboratively with other industry-standard bodies such as PCI-SIG and DMTF to ensure a seamless user experience with the best security mechanisms. CXL 2.0 enhances the security mechanism from CXL 1.1 and 1.0 by adding link-level Integrity and Data Encryption (CXL IDE) to provide confidentiality, integrity and replay protection for data transiting the CXL link.

This webinar will explore CXL IDE usage models and how security is managed across, CXL.mem, CXL.cache and CXL Switches. The webinar will also explore a Device’s responsibility to maintain security.